Stigma Research

Hello, Welcome to the site of Stigma Research by drs. Remko van der Sanden MSc. 

Stigma can been seen as a relationship between 'an attribute and a stereotype'. A relationship in which a 'mark' (attribute) links a person to undesirable characteristics (stereotype). Examples of stigmatization are: "Mental patients are dangerous" or "People with Down-syndrome are filthy".  However, stigma affects not only those with the stigmatizing condition but their family members as well. Family members experience stigma through their association with their relative with a stigmatizing condition. This phenomenon is called stigma by association.

Because there are so many stigmatized circumstances and because stigmatizing processes can affect multiple domains of people's lives, stigmatization probably has a dramatic bearing on the distribution of life chances in such areas as earnings, housing, education, health and life itself. It follows that social scientists who are interested in understanding the distribution of such life chances should also be interested in stigma and stigma by association. For that reason Stigma Research conducts scientific research in the field of stigmatization and, especially in the field of stigma by association.